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Solution Study: How to grow Analytics Maturity in Operations to meet today's Business challenges?

With growing organizational analytics maturity, we see a diversification at personal levels. Not every operational expert is a data scientist, while more machine learning models need to find their way to the shop floor for meeting today’s business challenges. Companies today need versatile solutions from trend viewing to prescriptive analytics, and for more complex use cases allow easy collaboration between local sites and central analytics groups

This presentation introduces the next generation production client for industrial analytics, designed to bolster growing analytics maturity. It begins with a user-friendly production client, offering instant insights into operational performance. As it progresses, the client gains the ability to analyze, monitor, and predict using machine learning models.

This versatile tool is tailored to meet the needs of operational stakeholders at various levels of analytics maturity, enabling them to address increasingly complex operational challenges. Ultimately, this advancement is poised to accelerate the progress of process manufacturing companies in overcoming their current business hurdles.

Lukas Pansegrau
Senior Solution Manager

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