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Global ManuChem Strategies - 2022 Topics

Global ManuChem Strategies – 2022 Topics

  • Predictive and value orientated maintenance to avoid issues effecting product quality and quantity
  • Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in the chemical industry – Roadmaps for launching a digitization project, plant feasibility assessments and investments in new technologies
  • Global strategic opportunities that arise from digitization and value networks moving east
  • Leveraging industry expertise with emerging technology capabilities – how to embed industrial AI in the chemical industry
  • Integrating sustainability as a guiding principle and sustainibility metrics into business goals
  • Supply chain resiliency – how to improve visibility and integration of supply chains into a digitally integrated ecosystem
  • Industry approaches for establishing an holistic change management and leadership in context of workforce development
  • Combining deterministic knowledge with data-based approaches to generate manufacturing and business value
  • Managing the Triple Bottom Line – balancing the impact of operations on people, planet and profits
  • Utilizing lifecycle data along the chemical manufacturing value chain – enabling data across manufacturing operation sites and footprint optimization



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