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Solution Study: Industry 5.0 - How the Shop Floor Workforce drives Digitalization at Grace

A people-centered approach for digital transformation – Digitalization initiatives have revolutionized the way chemical companies increase the collaboration between people and systems. Whereas we have been focused on getting process-relevant data and an overview of all plant states, it takes people to align the information with strategic priorities. With the right knowledge, creativity and the ability to respond to unexpected events, people build the greatest asset of chemical manufacturing plants. Grace recognized the importance of their shop floor workforce and manages interactive plant operations with future-proof human-to-human and human-to-machine communication. In doing so, Grace unlocks the full potential of a people-centered approach for digital transformation and brings workers and managers into the age of Industry 5.0.

Veit Hora, COO at Eschbach GmbH
Klaus Weckheuer, Senior Site Director at Grace Europe Holding GmbH
Marius Lawall, Engineer Manufacturing Leadership at Grace Europe Holding GmbH

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