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Keynote: Strengthening Digital Data Chains through collaboration and novel technologies across the whole process industries

Strengthening Digital Data Chains works best with a collaborative effort from which all companies and the whole industry can benefit. The exchange of e.g., data and technical information is a plus for manufacturers of machines and products, service providers, plants managers and employees. Processes and operations can be made more efficient by automation and to a higher degree: the most important step to the Factory of the Future! To ensure that everything works smoothly, standards and platforms for the exchange of information between all partners are required. It is precisely these standards and technologies that companies and technology suppliers in the process industry have developed together.

This presentation delves into various aspects of the Digital Data Chain, exploring the technologies utilized and efficient implementation methods. It discusses meeting standards, data exchange, identification of physical objects, and handling digital manufacturing data. The presentation also covers Obsolescence Management, detailing the use of technologies like digital twins, documentation methods, and successor model management. Additionally, it highlights the solutions provided by the Digital Data Chain Consortium in areas such as Lifecycle Management, Digital Data, Track & Trace, and Digital Twins.

Christoph Attila Kun, Manager Digital Data Chain Consortium | Head of Maintenance & Inspection, Service at BASF

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