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Defining Manufacturing Operations Management in Chemical s &\; Process Industries | March 16 – 17\, 2020 | Maritim proArte Hotel\, Berlin\, Germany <\;http://global-ma>\;

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Global ManuChem Key Topics

*          Industry 4.0 – the next big thing for chemic al manufacturing?

*          Maximizing your facilities: How to reduce producti on inefficiencies

*          Optimizing the link between marketing\, R&\; D\, production and supply chain

*          Big data analysis &\; predictive techniq ues

*          Why and how is cloud computing revolutionising the chemical Industry?

*           What are < span class=SpellE>the possible applications of AI and learning net works in production co ntrol\, analytics and< /span> prediction?

*          Blockchain Revolution: How Blockchain will transform transaction and visibility from the shop-floor to the global supply-c hain

*          How to balance stan dardisation vs flexibi lity for production reporting systems across sites\, region and company?

*          Moving towards Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) < span class=SpellE>models – ISA 95 and < span class=SpellE>beyond

*          Inc reasing capacity quick ly: Plant de-bottlenecking without capital e xpenditure

*          Strategy < span class=SpellE>development and deployment tools/methods

*          Managing unce rtainties in operations planning: Key variables and potential < span class=SpellE>response strategies

*           Coping with volatile markets\, breaking into emerging m arketsHow to mitigate risks?

*           What is the place of humans in an era of increased< /span> automation?

*          Team dynamics: creating high performance teams

*           Culture change/ assessment\, how to manage a re-structuring of an organization (co mmunication\, involvement etc.)

Speaker P anel: http:/ /

What can < span class=SpellE>you expect @ Global ManuChem?

How to attend? Tickets: http://global-manufac